Mar 15, 2012
@ 6:10 PM

¡Hola! I’m Diego the Engineer. 

I work at the Airport at Albacete, you maybe remember me. Two MJN Air clients told me Tumblr was fun so here I am. My English is not too good.

Pero hablo Español perfectamente, si alguien quiere preguntar algo. Y si no, podéis usar Google Translate.

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    Are they? How unfortunate. I’ve heard Piriton’s quite good for hayfever. Do you say that? How charming. Well, the...
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    I… Yyyes…? Sorry about that, by the way, the interrupted siesta, I mean.
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    ¡Capitán! It is very good to see you. Sí, estoy genial, aunque desde vuestro vuelo —o intento de vuelo— no ha ocurrido...
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